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Jun 13, 2023

This June, exhibit at the world’s largest licensing trade – the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brand and IP owners will rub elbows with retailers and manufacturers to create business partnerships that benefit both the brand renting out their intellectual property and the companies using the brand. 

Hosted by Licensing Global, the Licensing Expo has connected influential entertainment, character, art, and corporate brand owners with manufacturers, licensees and retailers for more than 40 years. Whether you’re attending or exhibiting, you’ll discover a wide range of brands available to “rent”, build connections, meet with agents, and secure the ingredients to make your next product line truly successful. 

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Licensing Expo 2023 Details

Date: June 13-15, 2023
Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Exhibit Hours

  • Tuesday, June 13th, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday, June 14th, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday, June 15th, 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM


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Why you should be at Licensing Expo 2023

Licensing Expo 2023 is this year’s must-attend event for brands, agents, and everyone in the licensing industry. Licensed merchandise saw $292 billion in retail sales just a year ago, which means that securing licenses to brand and IP – and renting out your brand or IP – is certain to secure a new revenue stream for you and your company.

Exhibitors at the Licensing Expo have the opportunity to meet key players in the industry, secure new deals and collaborations, showcase their brands, and extend their presence into new retail categories. Part of this comes from the Licensing Expo’s unique event online platform; attendees and exhibitors can find each other before the event even starts, making it easier than ever to connect.

New Theme: Fashion

Licensing Expo 2023 will be bringing Fashion to life, spotlighting the creativity and innovation in this space and its impact on the wider licensing industry through a full roster of educational sessions, social networking, and experiential activations.

With attendees from 70+ countries and all product categories all looking for new brand partnerships for their next product range, Licensing Expo offers endless opportunities to give your fans new ways to connect with your brand every day. It all starts on our show floor.

3 in 4 exhibitors expect ROI from exhibiting at Licensing Expo to be “excellent”. Exhibitors expect an average of 7 deals from the show. Attendees set aside 20% of their time for walk-on meetings with exhibitors. 57% of attendees are Director level and above.

Exhibiting at Licensing Expo 2023

With so many big-name exhibitors expected on the tradeshow floor this year, Licensing Expo 2023 represents all segments of the licensing business. Standing out from this impressive crowd might seem impossible, but trust us: we know a few things about building the best exhibit booth!

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your booth draws a crowd:

  1. Pick the focal point and product/service.
    1. Which of your products best fit attendees’ needs?
    2. Do you have any new products, services or technologies that offer solutions to the attendee? 
    3. How can you let attendees experience these new things?
    4. Design a marketing/content campaign around what’s relevant and what’s new. 
  2. Choose the right booth size for your message.
      1. 10’ x 10’: ideal for a single product or service, or a small line of products. You have room for multiple display cases, 3D graphic wall, custom light display and flooring, and one seating configuration.
      2. 10 x 20: good solution for those showing a variety of products in the booth. It has 20 feet of graphic back wall, multiple seating configurations for demonstrations and education, in addition to custom light and flooring that come standard with our exhibit rentals.
      3. 20 x 20: Exhibit Experience usually recommends 20’ x 20’ booths, as these offer demonstration space, enclosures for private viewing, and dozens of other configuration options. However, we understand that many companies have limited budgets this year.
  3. Decide if you will rent or DIY your booth.
    1. Experience is key when it comes to standing out at large-scale tradeshows. 
    2. Local tradeshow exhibit rentals for the upcoming Licensing Expo 2023 show will help you go that extra mile. 
  4. Design a memorable in-booth experience
    1. No matter the size, your booth should tell a seamless brand story. 
    2. Pro Tip: include an interactive experience for your booth visitors.
  5. Build and train the right team. 
    1. Having the right booth staff is just as important as having the right design. 
    2. Include a mix of people from sales, technical, customer service and management.
  6. Ditch the hard sell. 
    1. Instead of trying to get sales, focus instead on how your products or services solve a problem.
  7. Create an itinerary with the networking and social events, educational sessions, and other activities you want to attend. This way you and your team will know when you’ll be at the booth. 
  8. Follow up. Use the travel time home to send follow-up emails to thank visitors for their time and remind them about your company.

By following these guidelines and working with a reputable booth builder like Exhibit Experience, you’ll be well-prepared for a successful Licensing Expo 2023. 

Need a reliable booth builder for the Licensing Expo 2023? 

Exhibit Experience is the preferred trade show booth builder for the upcoming Licensing Expo 2023 show. We produce state-of-the-art exhibits within a variety of budgets. From custom to pre-certified exhibits, we’ll have the booth you need to show your company the right way. We will:

  • Design and build your exhibit to the right specs
  • Provide 24-hour support throughout the trade show.
  • Set up and take down your booth

The Exhibit Experience team has over two decades of experience delivering custom exhibits and custom modular exhibits that see instant results. Our exhibit management services are all-inclusive, from design to delivery. We will deliver your exhibit on time, on budget, and following all safety protocols.

If you are looking for a Licensing Expo 2023 trade show booth builder, look no further than Exhibit Experience! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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